Industrial mixers Ontario

The Invention of the Mixer

While mixing items together to form different items isn’t anything new, and has been around for about as long as the concept of food has been, machines that do the mixing for you are a different story. Everyone uses mixers, from your kitchen counter to massive industrial blenders, and the story of how they came to be is quite interesting.

While watching a baker mix dough with a spoon in 1908, a man named Herbert Johnson thought of a way to make the process automatic and began making designs to create an automated mixer. Once he found success, the Navy and many bakeries had the mixer as standard equipment for their kitchens. After World War 1, Herbert was able to sell the product to residential areas, but there was a problem.

The machine was over 2,000 dollars of today’s money and weighed 65 pounds, so it wasn’t something everyone could have. However, a designer named Ahrens came in and redesigned the machine into the kitchen mixer that we know today, also making it lighter and cheaper. More mixers from different companies soon followed, and the mixer industry was born.

Industrial mixers Ontario

Today, you can find massive mixers in every corner of the globe. Industrial mixers Ontario are used all over the world to mix different types of items in the food, construction, and even the paper industry. If a product needs mixing, then a mixer will be on the production line to do the job. Personal mixers and blenders are on thousands of kitchen counters and are used to make and create countless food items.

And it all began with one simple idea after watching a man stir some bread dough. So the lesson of the mixer doesn’t just have applications for mixing, but for inventors as well.